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A free monthly E-newsletter containing news and information to help nonprofits forge successful futures, including nonprofit alerts and a schedule of upcoming workshops. Each issue features an article relevant to current trends in the nonprofit sector including fundraising, board of director issues, and leadership concerns.
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Book CoverBoard Members Rule: How to Be a Strategic Advocate for Your Nonprofit This book reframes a board member's role to be a strategic advocate for your nonprofit and its constituency. Given the heightened awareness of accountability and transparency, Board Members Rule shows how to pay attention to both while furthering your values, mission and vision and promoting pragmatic, effective and efficient strategies. Geared for busy board members, it includes succinct chapters on fiduciary responsibilities, financial oversight, relationships with the CEO, fundraising and marketing, recruiting for talent and diversity, strategic planning, self-evaluation and making meetings meaningful. It's filled with practical and common-sense tools, resources, forms, examples and learning exercises. 128 pages, 8.5x11. More information and to order

Boards That Love Fundraising: A How-To Guide For Your Board
This workbook published by Jossey-Bass offers inspiring examples of boards that have grown from fear and loathing of fundraising to eager anticipation. This inspiration is accompanied by practical advice and exercises for boards based on the authors' extensive experience in working with nonprofits of all sizes. 128 pages, 8.5x11.

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Major Donors: The Key To Successful Fundraising
This easy to follow guidebook is designed for board members and volunteers of nonprofits who want to help solicit funds through a major donor campaign effort and want a brief overview of what is involved. This primer will help your staff and volunteers unearth large contributions; contains task lists, sample conversations and a role plan exercise. 47 pages, 6x9.
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