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Zimmerman Lehman Workshops

Zimmerman Lehman's workshops focus on "how to" and use interactive settings and the most up-to-date techniques with professional, user-friendly materials. Effective training for the board of directors and staff keeps an organization on the leading edge of quality service. Our unique approach trains boards of directors, staff, and volunteers to solicit funds enthusiastically, effectively, and without fear. We combine our passion and can-do attitude with practical and straightforward methods.

What others had to say about recent workshops and trainings.

Zimmerman Lehman's Private Nonprofit Workshops

Zimmerman Lehman's interactive sessions draw on our combined experience working in the nonprofit sector variously as staff, executive directors, board members, and consultants. Our insightful facilitation skills are joined with proven adult learning techniques. Professional materials tailored to your organization's specific needs are included with each training. Zimmerman Lehman has trained thousands of individuals in the art and science of fundraising and board development. For a sampling of our most popular workshops see below. To obtain more information about creating a workshop for your organization call (415) 986-8330 or email.


Boards of Directors

  • Board Members Rule: How to be a Strategic Advocate for Your Nonprofit
  • The Strategic Board of Directors: Roles and Responsibilities
  • Strategic Recruiting and Orientation for New Board Members
  • Creating a Culture of Transparency: Accountability, Transparency and Ethics
  • Executive Director Performance Evaluation

Fundraising campaigns

  • Boards That Love Fundraising
  • Overcoming the Fear of Fundraising
  • How to Conduct a Successful Major Donor Campaign
  • Individual Solicitations

Example Workshops by Zimmerman Lehman

Board Members Rule!
Being a truly effective board member requires time and effort - just showing up to meetings isn't enough. Ann Lehman explores how busy board members - or those considering joining a board - can make their board service experience more productive, meaningful and enjoyable. In this workshop, Ann will touch on best practices she outlines in her Board Members Rule book on accountability, transparency, advocacy and strategic governance. No more listening to boring reports! Come and learn how to engage in meaningful and strategic discussions that will help you and your fellow board members fulfill your organization's vision for the future

How to Be a Strategic Advocate for Your Nonprofit
Board Members Rule reframes a board member's role to be a strategic advocate for your nonprofit and its constituency. Given the heightened awareness of accountability and transparency, Board Members Rule shows how to pay attention to both while furthering your values, mission and vision and promoting pragmatic, effective and efficient strategies. Geared toward busy board members, it includes chapters on:

  • How can you learn to work strategically as a member of a nonprofit board of directors?
  • How can you advocate for your constituency?
  • How can you resolve the creative tension between a 'vision' for the organization and where you are now?
  • How can you be financially accountable and transparent? 
  • What is your fiduciary duty?
  • How can you get the board and executive director working together toward the same strategic end?
  • How can you help your organization with fundraising and marketing?

It's filled with practical and common-sense tools, resources, grids, forms, and examples. There is a learning exercise to fit every chapter, and lists of references, resources and support centers throughout the nation.

Creating a Culture of Transparency: Establishing and Ensuring Integrity in Your Nonprofit
The public is entrusting to you the responsibility of running your organization successfully, sensibly and ethically for the benefit of the community. This workshop helps you do that prudently and honestly. Workshop includes: accountability governance standards, transparency - what it means today, what the watchdog groups look for, overhead expenses and the new IRS Form 990, value statements and code of ethics, nonprofit conflict, whistle-blower and document destruction policies.

Strategic Board Recruitment
Do you have the Board of Directors you want? How do you know what to look for in board members? What are the critical skills, traits and characteristics your nonprofit needs to spell success? How do you develop a board profile and job description? Where can you find new board members? How do you engage board members right from the start? Come to this luncheon roundtable to find out answers to these and other questions on strategic board member recruitment and orientation.

Get Your Board to Raise Funds
Sponsored by the Foundations Center. Why should your board be actively involved in your fundraising? How do you make that happen? Get answers and practical tips about how you can get your board to give and get money for your organization. Read live chat by Ann Lehman and Darian Rodriguez Heyman, editor of Nonprofit Management 101: A Complete and Practical Guide for Leaders and Professionals and former E.D. of Craigslist Foundation for a live online discussion about how you can get your board to give and get money for your organization. See Get Your Board to Raise Funds (Transcript) and ZL's Boards That Love Fundraising PPT handout.

How to Launch a Successful Major Donor Campaign
This workshop will answer the most common questions about major donor solicitation, including: What is a major donor? How does an organization locate major donors? How are effective solicitations conducted? In this workshop, we will examine the fears that must be overcome in order to succeed at major donor fundraising and how best to structure a major donor campaign.

Nonprofit Global Forum for Women: Beijing +15
CEDAW Goes Local -- San Francisco Plus Ten Years.
Ann Lehman presented the 10-year history of implementing a human rights treaty for women in San Francisco at the NGO Forum Beijing +15. This is part of the United Nations review of progress since the Fourth World Conference on Women held in Beijing, China in 1995. The International Press Service highlighted Ann Lehman's work for human rights for women with the San Francisco Department on the Status of Women, see GENDER: For U.S., Lessons in CEDAW From San Francisco.


(Ann Lehman) "The Board learned a lot, and enjoyed your company."
-Dr. Brian Kelly, President, Live Chiropractic College West, October 2012

(Ann Lehman) Thank you for all your thoughtful time and effort to plan and carry out such a successful meeting (to the Board). We covered a lot of ground in a very short time. I thought you did an excellent job, both in general, and particularly in really hearing what everyone said and helping reflect the comments back for constructive thought.  I think you have already helped us a great deal.
-Sandy Sohcot, E.D., Rex Foundation (The Grateful Dead Foundation) October 2011

"Ann Lehman was an enthusiastic and amazing speaker."
U.N. Conference, March 2011

"Thanks for a great "Board Members Rule" presentation yesterday! It really helps as we had our first marketing committee meeting just last night."
-Joe Fendel, Board President, Midrasha

(Conducting a Major Donor Campaign) Specifics about setting up the meeting and the ask ...Depth and breadth of knowledge...Made simple clear steps...Relaxed atmosphere...Workbook handouts....Very usable information for our organization. (10/10 rated the workshop excellent or very good).

I thought the day (with Ann Lehman) was wonderfully productive and masterfully executed... definitely worth the price of admission...

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