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Boards That Love Fundraising: A How-To Guide For Your Board

How others evaluate "Boards That Love Fundraising":

The Chronicle of Philanthropy Consultant's Guide review - October 13, 2005
The Chronicle of Philanthropy's review - May 27, 2004
Contra Costa Times article - April 2, 2004, "Couple find passion in fund-raising lessons"
San Francisco Chronicle article - March 12, 2004

Recent Amazon Review - November 10, 2008 by Amber C. Holen (REAL NAME)
We have an annual board meeting where we constantly emphasize the Board's role in fundraising. Some board members really get it, but some, especially new members, don't fully understand that their job is to raise money. This year, we wanted a book that we could use at the meeting and that members could take home with them and use to inform their fundraising through the year. We wanted something that specifically made fundraising seem doable for people who had never done it before and who may be intimidated by asking for gifts. Members were very receptive to the book, it is short, sweet, and easy to follow. It is filled with training guides, examples, and exercises you can do with board members to prepare them for making an ask. Chapters are broken down into "chunks" which we found great - you can literally open the book up to any page and read a short chunk and get a lot of information. There are also helpful worksheets that will help you keep track of which board members are working in certain fundraising areas. Bottom line, I think this is a great tool for both board members and staff and worth the price.

The Extreme Fundraising Ezine, a blog about "powerful, simple ideas on asking for money that you can put into practice today", reviewed Boards That Love Fundraising in its resource spotlight. "One of the cooler things I get to do is participate in Charity Channel's WebReview as a volunteer book reviewer. The book I'm currently reading for review is Boards That Love Fundraising by Robert M. Zimmerman and Ann W. Lehman. This book is simply great. If you're a paid development person, it's everything you wish your board members understood about fundraising. If you're a board member, it's everything you wish you'd been trained to do when you were recruited for the board. This book is incredibly readable and packed with a terrific overview of fundraising, as well as dozens of exercises to do as a board. Whether you're a seasoned professional fundraiser or brand-new to this role, Boards That Love Fundraising will help you improve your ability to raise money! To your extreme fundraising success!" More...

Nonprofit Resource Center, in Sacramento, CA wrote "This book distills more than 20 years experience into helpful and easy exercises and tips that everyone in the nonprofit can use to raise more money." More...

Nonprofit Enterprise at Work, Inc. ("NEW"), a nonprofit organization located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, said "Inspirational stories are accompanied by practical advice and many interactive exercises for boards based on the authors' extensive experience in training and working with boards of directors of all sizes." More...

"Zimmerman and Lehman have more than two decades of hands-on experience helping board members know how to do their job. This workbook distills their knowledge into helpful and easy exercises and tips that everyone in the nonprofit can use to raise more money."
- Kim Klein, an internationally recognized fundraising trainer, author of Fundraising for Social Change, publisher of the Grassroots Fundraising Journal, and co-founder of Chardon Press

"Zimmerman and Lehman have written an encouraging and practical guide sure to help diffuse the fear and loathing with which most nonprofit board members face in fund development. Straight talk about board responsibilities sets the stage. Short easy exercises suitable for board meetings demonstrate fundraising skills and techniques. Boards That Love Fundraising provides the script for board presidents and staff to share the practice and the joy of successful resource development within any nonprofit."
- Marcia Rundle, Regional Resource Development Director, Western States Region, Habitat for Humanity International

"The wisdom in Boards That Love Fundraising: An Educational Workbook helped our Board of Directors and I deal with some of our most challenging issues. In this day and age, fundraising by board members is critical to the success of any non-profit organization, including ours. Zimmerman Lehman will help your board get
there, too."
- Janet Knipe, Executive Director, California Youth Connection - dedicated to empowering foster care youth

"More than a workbook for board members, this book is a great tool for development staff to inventory all the possibilities for successfully advancing their causes."
- Richard J. Olive, Regional Director, California National Medical Fellowships, Inc. - dedicated to increasing the minority representation of health care

"A MUST read for raising funds...An easily digestible, comprehensive HOW TO guide for volunteers and staff, complete with helpful and effective group exercises."
- Diana Coleman, Former Director of Development and Marketing,
Project Open Hand
- serving meals with love for seniors, people with AIDS, and chronic illness

"With step-by-step guidelines, this book is a 'must have' for those engaged in fundraising."
- Allyson Hewitt, Executive Director, Safe Kids Canada

"Bob and Ann's book is so readable yet filled with knowledge and wonderful exercises. It is sure to be a hit with any current or future Board member."
- Marcie Storch, Director of Development, Legal Aid Society of San Mateo County - serving the legal needs of low-income individuals

"The only fundraising book you will ever need! The authors challenge traditional attitudes, and fears, about fundraising by arguing that we should view the activity not as "tin-cup begging" but as providing a way for people to invest positively in their communities. The authors break new ground by focusing on benefits that *donors* derive from philanthropic giving and strategies to enhance these benefits. With exercises entitled "What Moves People to Give," the book offers ample opportunity for readers to apply this refreshing approach to their specific circumstances. I recommend this easy-to-read and comprehensive guide to anyone who serves on a board, especially those of you who have been afraid of fundraising. You won't be able to put it down!"
- Emily Murase, Commissioner for the San Francisco Status of Women

"Boards That Love Fundraising: A How-To Guide for Your Board by Robert M. Zimmerman and Ann W. Lehman deals honestly and creatively with helping board members overcome the fear of asking for donations. The authors explain how "begging for money" is actually an opportunity to educate potential donors on different causes and how they can influence them. There are many fine books on fundraising, but few delineate the board member's role with such clarity."
- Stage Directions Magazine
, December 2004

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